WordPress Design

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (or CMS) currently. This program is commonly used for open sourced blogging and general content management functions. WordPress has a web template system that uses a template processor and is also an open source project- meaning hundreds of people from all over the world are constantly updating the program. Some of the top ranking web sites in the world and many Fortune 500 companies take advantage of what WordPress has to offer.

When a company is using WordPress they improve their search engine compatibility with integrated link management- a clean permalink structure that allows users to assign multiple categories to articles. WordPress also supports tagging for posts and articles- another ideal SEO feature. This program also includes automatic filters that provide standardized formatting and styling of text in articles. WordPress even supports Trackback and Pingback standards set in place for showing links to outside sites that have linked to a posted article. When using WordPress, it is virtually impossible to reach the limitations on the program uses- the only limitation is the user’s imagination.

Check out some of the features you can take advantage of when using a WordPress platform:


  • Users can install and switch between different themes
  • A new theme changes the look and functionality of WordPress
  • Change the theme without altering the existing content
  • Themes can be changed or added through the dashboard/admin tool or by uploading folders via FTP


  • The plugin architecture allows users and developers to expand capabilities beyond the base programming
  • WordPress has a database of 18,000+ plugins
  • Use plugins to manage everything from SEO projects to widgets


  • A widget is a small module that provides users with drag and drop sidebar content placement
  • Widgets allow for implementation of many of plugins’ extended abilities
  • With widgets, you can add to the functionality of your site
  • Use widgets to add social media ‘like’ and ‘follow us’ type buttons and more…

Multi-user and multi-blogging

  • This feature allows for multiple blogs to exist within one installation
  • One website can host an entire blogging community
  • As the site manager you can manage and moderate all posts from the administrative panel- or dashboard

Mobile Compatibility

  • WordPress is compatible with all major mobile operating systems
  • Supports WedOS, Andriod, iOS, Windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry
  • Users can navigate the site from their iPhone, iPad, Andriod, and other popular smartphones and tablets


V2interactive has been working with WordPress since it was introduced. We are the experts on all of the features of this amazing program and can utilize all of the tools available to create the best web pages possible. Not only will we work with existing themes, we can customize themes as well. WordPress is amongst our favorite format in web development and we know how to use it to make your site SEO friendly. We also work on existing sites and offer web maintenance. Let the pros set up your WordPress based site for the best results!