Social Networking Development

V2interactive understands the importance of social media for any business. Social media networks were once meant for individuals who wanted to catch up with old friends, meet new people, and showcase their ideas, thoughts, and personal life. While people still do use social media sites for that purpose, everyone is using these networking sites for so much more.

When someone creates a social media account, one of the first things they do is browse for things and places they like- this includes stores and companies. Your customers want to find you on their social media sites; they want to feel like an insider who’s in the know with all the latest news on the places they buy from. On the other hand, they aren’t just looking for you on social media, they are also looking for social media on your site. Customers want to be able to ‘like’ your Facebook page or follow you on twitter directly from your web site.

Social media is one of the most brilliant tools for marketing. Simple things like frequent updates about company events, updates on your products, and promotions ran through your social networks will open up a market that you were previously not tapping in to. For these reasons, it is vital to have a good social media presence- having good social media pages is just as important as having a good web site nowadays.

We have the creative solutions to create and manage social media platforms and build upon existing site pages.

V2interactive develops social media networking platforms and can fully customize them for your business. Sites include Facebook-like features such as walls, inbox, video, photos, blogs, and friending. These platforms are great for integration within forums and customer review sites. We will make your site interactive and design it so your customers will be able to interact without leaving your web site. This is a favorite of non-profit organizations, churches, group and member sites, band fan sites, and more.

In addition to creating platforms, we can also merge your existing web site with a custom social platform. We will get you connected with all the important social networks, install RSS feeds on your sites, create new pages, post updates and tweets, and make sure your pages stay current. V2interactive offers different customized plans for social network management and you can choose how often updates and posts are made.

Finally, we know how to drive people to your social media network and build traffic- after all, your sites have to be seen for marketing and networking to be effective. Not only will we get you set up with the best social media pages, we can also get your existing pages on a success track. We know what it takes to get likes, retweets, shares- the type of interaction that increases your web presence and puts you in front of potential clients and customers.

V2interactive has been on top of social media networking since it first started to catch on. We specialize in setting up and designing your account and then keeping it fresh and interesting. Let us tap in to this valuable marketing tool for you.