Joomla Development

V2interactive has many easy to use tools that we hand over to you once your site has been created. One of our personal favorites, and a favorite of our clients, is a web application called Joomla. This system allows you to become a web site manager without any prior training or experience in the area.

Joomla is an award winning content management system or CMS. It was designed with ease of use in mind and is the most popular program of its kind.  The system itself creates synergy in your web development as it allows anyone with access to publish and update web sites- this keeps information current and relevant, guaranteeing the highest possible web site traffic and search engine ranking. One of the best things about this program is it can be used by the novice web site developer and no confusing HTML coding is required- HTML coding is one of the hardest factors to learn and understand in web site development.

With the power of the Joomla program on your side, you will be able to add, update, or delete product information and content; you can also change your branding and launch a marketing initiative in a flash. You will have complete control over your site’s content without having to go through extensive CMS training. Once we set the site up for you and publish all of the initial content, this tool is what you use to take over from there. Even though this program is very simple, V2interactive is on hand to help you learn how to use it and we will be on stand-by for tech support.

What Joomla Services Does V2interactive Support?

Custom Joomla Templates

V2interactive can create a custom template and theme for you.  We can work from sketches or we can modify PSD files into your new dream template design.  Contact us today to make your website one of a kind!

Modify Existing Joomla Templates

We can also modify exisiting templates and themes to give the website a more personalized vibe.  Joomla 1.5 - 3.0, we can handle them all!  Let us re-do your website into something personal and original.

Fix Broken/Hacked Joomla Sites

Is your Joomla install broken?  Getting random MySQL errors?  Broken pages?  Has your Joomla website been hacked?  If so, don't worry - we're Joomla pro's that can get your site back online and more secure than ever!

Customize Extensions/Plugins

As experienced PHP programmers we're more than ready to help modify your Joomla extensions to help them function better for you and your company.  We can even build them from scratch. Contact us today for a customized quote!

Joomla Migrations/Moves

Are you moving hosts or providers?  Does Joomla need to move, too?  If so, don't worry - we have you covered.  We've migrated/updated and moved over 500 different installs of Joomla - we're quick and we know what we're doing.

General Web Maintenance

As Joomla pro's we also understand that not everybody else might know Joomla so well.  We offer our general webmaster/administrator service to those who do not or cannot have a full I.T. or web support on staff to monitor their Joomla based website.

Joomla Provides The Following Abilities:

Rich Text Editor

  • Update content in real time through your web browser
  • Microsoft Word interfaced- meaning you’ll have access to all of Word’s features

Photo Gallery

  • Upload and manage an unlimited amount of images on your site
  • Watermark your images to prevent illegal use of your site’s pictures
  • Create thumbnails
  • RSS syndication for all images


  • Write/publish/syndicate posts
  • Create multiple blogs and different categories
  • Allows visitors to post comments and you can manage them
  • RSS syndication

Forum / Discussion Board

  • Allows site users to become interactive with your company and other users
  • No limits on the number of sections/threads/posts
  • Manage images easily on the forum and more…


  • Web site content is indexed and made searchable automatically when updated
  • Relevance rating is visible with results

Event Calendar

  • Make one time or recurring events
  • Manage user enrollment and payment
  • Link with your Microsoft Outlook accounts
  • Manage and enforce user attendance

Online Poll / Survey

  • Create time sensitive or ongoing polls and surveys
  • Collect valuable visitor input
  • Radio and checkbox answer options

News / RSS Reader

  • Show relevant RSS feeds right on your site
  • Fully customizable


  • Upload files/documents to display on your site from your web browser
  • Monitor the number of downloads for every document
  • Organize and sort files into categories and display order


  • Help your visitors find answers to frequently asked questions
  • Improve your customer support
  • Organize unlimited FAQs into different categories and sections

Feedback Form

  • Gather user feedback through easy to use forms
  • Customizable subject line
  • Optional "Guestbook" display
  • Moderate and organize guestbook submissions

User Accounts / Login

  • Optimal user management and security features
  • Control access to pages and modules
  • Validate users by email and CAPTCHA
  • Powerful role-based security
V2interactive has been using Joomla since it was first developed. We know how to put all the features to work for you and then make it simple for you to take over the content management system- that is if you want, we also offer site maintenance packages. V2interactive knows how to get the traffic moving to your site with our proven SEO methods and superior site design. When you need the best professionals to create and maintain your web pages, V2interactive is the obvious choice.