eCommerce Web Design

ecommerce-iconE-commerce, uncommonly also called electronic commerce, is basically the selling of something through the use of the internet; the most common use of e-commerce sites is for retail shopping. One report shows that 73% internet users are buying products online- that’s about 7 out of 10. This number is up from about 6 out of 10 in 2009, and is projected to increase to 8 out of 10 by 2015- the gap is rapidly closing between people who use the internet and people who shop online. Really, we feel like that study was generous in the wrong direction- we think that almost all people who use the internet, especially for personal use, are at least browsing (think virtual window shopping) online if not buying. Another factor to consider about opening an e-commerce store is that you can reach customers on a global level- for example, stores with one location in Georgia can sell to people in Germany (and everywhere else!) with the power of the internet.

Having an e-commerce store isn’t just an added bonus like it once was, it is absolutely necessary.

The Benefits of Having an eCommerce Store:

  • Sell products online anytime- have a 24/7 operation without the added staffing
  • Sites with e-commerce features rank better in search engines- increase your chances of being found on the internet by creating indexed catalogs of your products
  • Replacing paper and hard copies with electronic order forms and communications greatly reduces production cost
  • Provide more consistent and accurate information about your company and products
  • Easily manage and organize your store- update product information and availability in real time
  • Connect easily with customers and collect feedback electronically
  • Reach more people and store complete details on customer orders, order history, return history, and contact information
  • Use captured email information to increase your sales using email notifications, special offers and promotions, and newsletters
An e-commerce store designed by V2interactive will help you do business better and easier. Let V2interactive take your e-commerce site to the next level with our superior e-commerce design skills and techniques. We will create the best presentation for your business and products- we also know how to make extremely shopper friendly online stores. Our process will even put you in front of consumers who use popular online shopping assistance directories like Google Shopping. V2interactive has a tremendous amount of experience in magento, virtuemart, zencart, oscommerce- the best tools in internet enterprise. V2interactive will also keep your business and your shoppers secure as we only use the most secured servers and installs are done through a SSL connection.