On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization is a method by which we make your various web pages crawl-able by the search engine spider. This makes it easy for your webpage to be indexed on the top position of the SERPs, increases the user experience and drive higher traffic leading to better conversions.

A very important thing that needs to be worked on to completely optimize the website to give results is on-page optimization. Of course there are other marketing strategies that can help your site rank high, but on-page optimization gives guaranteed results as compared to the other methods.  In addition, with on-page optimization you will see faster loading times, image compression and code optimization.

As we know a heavily content driven site is sure to be treated well by the search engines. Hence the content on the site needs to be optimized with the right keyword density to help the search engine identify its relevance. While optimizing the content of your site for better ranking, V2interactive enriches your title tags, Meta tags, Alt tags, images and much more with your targeted keywords. I will also look at the graphics of your site and pay attention to factors like the amount of images on the website as too many images or a very long video will take longer for the website to load.  Site load time is a proven metric that Google uses in the algorithm.  Additionally we pay attention to the browsing speed and navigation speed of the site this helps to keep the visitor interested in the site.

Title Optimization
Optimizing title tags is important and the foremost step in on-page optimization. V2interactive ensures to optimize the title tags with the targeted keywords; also the content is designed to give the apt description of the site. Our Title Tag optimization is guaranteed to get you the attention of the search engines and target audience.

Meta Tags Optimization

As assumed this feature no longer holds much significance to obtain rankings on the search engine, we still insist on optimizing it as it is displayed as a snippet on the SERP along with the link of your site. By optimizing this with the required keywords you are bond to get the users attention.

The HTML tags that include the header tags need to be optimized for a well performing website. V2interactive applies our skills in optimizing the h1, h2 and h3 tags for better assessment by the search engine. We include elements like bold, italics and underline in the header content so that they are easily recognized by the search engines. You can be sure that the optimization of your website is in best hands.

Keyword and Content Optimization

As stated by Google content is king, V2interactive takes this concept very seriously. We design capturing content to give the required information of your service/products and convince them to be a part of your clientele. In order the content reaches the client we nourish it with the right density of keywords for the search engine to appreciate and rank your site. Moreover before setting the keyword we perform a complete research of the competition it faces and scope of it to help your site rank high and meet audiences.

Link Optimization
We optimize the links for your website with the right keywords; this takes care of the outbound and inbound links.

Image and Video Optimization
This is the most ignored part while optimizing your website. Along with web search, search engines also provide a different segment of search called as image search. This is also vital in bringing up the ranks of your website. For a site that consist a lot of images and videos we take special care to optimize them to get search engine attention and get ranked well. 

Benefits of on-page optimization by V2interactive:

  1. Better optimization of content with correct keyword placement.
  2. Optimization of tags like title tag, meta tag and alt tag to help ranking on the SERPs
  3. Image optimization for proper crawling of the search engine spider and indexing
  4. Link Optimization with relevant anchor text and keywords
  5. Keyword optimization and through research of the keywords for best ranking results
  6. All white-hat SEO - no unethical methods are ever used
  7. We NEVER place links onto your site for 3-way linking or link networks.
  8. Trusted and dedicated work ethics proven by a 10 year track record.
  9. V2interactive has NEVER had a client's website penalized by Google.