Why Choose Us?


Over 10 years experience, we have worked on a huge variety of different websites of all shapes and sizes, and have dealt with problems as varied as they are complex. Throughout it all we have strived to offer the best customer service we possibly can - 100% of the time you will find a human being at the other end of the phone (or email) ready to look into any problems or issues you may have. As perhaps testimony to our ongoing commitment, some of our clients have been with us for over five years now, and we continue to manage, support and develop their websites long after their initial projects have been completed. In recent years, we have also taken on many clients who have become dissatisfied with their current providers, and we have injected new passion and enthusiasm into their projects.


As the saying goes, 'There are many ways to skin a cat', and this is true for web development also. There are both good and bad ways to develop websites and we have noticed that many web design companies utilize outdated or erroneous methods which although are not always visible on the surface of the website, they often become apparent later when search engine optimization and Google rankings fail to produce the desired results. We combine expert, tried and tested knowledge from the outset, choosing the optimum methodology to develop your website with it's longevity and visibility firmly in mind.


Notwithstanding the above, we are also proud to be innovators in our field.  In fact, many of the systems we use to build sites have been developed in-house by our own programmers and offer a higher level of security and functionality than the usual off-the-shelf packages. It is also not only on the programming side that we innovate - we strive to ensure that each and every website we design bears little (if any) similarity to that which has come before. We are always striving for originality and uniqueness without compromising the short deadlines and quick turnaround times that our clients sometimes demand from us.

Attention to Detail:

Although time is of the essence, a hurried website can create more problems than it solves. For this reason, we always ensure that each and every website we create is tested to the fullest and the cross-tested with the top six web browsers. This is especially necessary on database driven websites where data and its storage and retrieval is of such vital importance. In this regard, our attention to the minute and detail inherent in these kinds of projects is paramount and we pride ourselves in having forged an excellent track record in creating many of these systems, the majority of which have been running faultlessly for many years now without incident.

Tricks of the Trade:

Although we cannot give too much away, over the years we have discovered several methods by which we can ensure that a website receives the visitor traffic it deserves. To illustrate this point, one of our most popular client sites QuakeSmart.org currently receives over 10,000 visitors per month.  In addition to the newest technologies and fashions, we implement several options for you to choose your content management system.


Last but certainly not least, we have a real passion for web development and online marketing. We are genuinely interested in our clients businesses and assisting them in their growth. Many of our clients will attest to our willingness to research and investigate avenues of potential expansion, and we have garnered a reputation for our commitment and enthusiasm behind each and every project we manage, continuing to assist the growth and development of our clients sites both now and into the future.  In retrospect, we treat our clients site as if it was our own website and project.


We encourage anyone interested in our services to contact us for a free consultation to learn more about what we can do for you. Be sure to check out our extensive portfolio of results we've delivered in the past.