About V2interactive

V2interactive was officially established in August of 2007 in Atlanta, GA. However, our roots in information technology and web design go far further back in time.

It all started in late 2000 with the launch of a revolutionary comprehensive computer review website database named ReviewSource. ReviewSource was an overnight hit, growing in popularity and creditability. The objection of our company was to bring our readers the most reliable and unbiased reviews. With much successes, ReviewSource attracted sponsors such as: Vantec, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Intel, Asus, Thermaltake, PNY and Monarch Computer Systems.

Within our first year of operation we had over 100 sponsors, 1,000 reviews, 5,500 articles and a forum community of over 10,000 active members. Our daily web page requests were averaged over 24 months of 11,400 unique visitors per day. With ReviewSource becoming the industry’s standard in quality and quantity by 2002, we were approached with a business offer. The offer came from one of our own sponsors, Georgia’s number one computer reseller; Monarch Computer Systems.

With working with Monarch Computer Systems, Josh Zehtabchi decided it was time to peruse a new path with a new project. After learning the principals of entrepreneurship at Monarch and learning principals in customer services, Josh felt it was time to open a new business up to serve a specific population. The principal of this business was very simple; to serve a small business, on a small budget. This became part of the V2interactive – a small business, designed for small businesses.

There is one thing everybody can agree on – saving money is a great thing! Usually, when you cut expenses you may risk cutting quality. This was not to be the scene at V2interactive. To date, our company profile is at over 100+ happy clients with work growing everyday. The most important thing that sets V2interactive apart from other online solution is simple. We meet with our clients at their convenience and we never charge an initial consulting fee.

Our staff at V2interactive is a young, energetic and aggressive group. We stop at nothing to make sure every project is treated as if it was one of our own. We cross test our work with the top ten web browsers, and give you all copies of work (which you own the copyrights to) and images for later use.